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LP Monitor

LP Monitor Tool

LP monitor Pad provides data about current limit status per LP, treasurer can choose the LP he wants to have a deal with.

Place Order

Place Order Panel

Create specific order: Take Profit, Stop Loss, OCO, If Done, Loop.

Treasury Events Tool

Treasury Events Tool

Treasury can see all deals which affected bank positions. Each notification is received on the real time basis and provides treasurers with the following order details: client name, trade date and time, order ID, currency pair and amount.

Sales Pad

Sales Pad | Dealer Intervention

Sales Pad is dedicated to manage execution of RFQ orders by providing client with artificial RFQ pricing. All quotes requested by User first are send to Sales pad. User’s request can be rejected by Sale or send back to User with applied by Sale markup.

Position Covering

Position Covering

In Firm Position Blotter user can see summary of all positions per instrument in real time. This tab includes both SPOT and Term positions per instrument ranged by value date to optimize and to create a clear visualization of bank or firm exposure.


Olfa Trade Server Map

Seamless FX

  • One platform allowing trading of multiple OTC products
  • Full transparency
    Interest rate, FX and FX derivative products in total transparency.
  • Seamless integration for STP
    Seamless integration to any treasury management system.
  • Reporting
    Get detailed reports on custom periods about performance and activities.
  • Plug and play set up
    Seamless FX is plug and play and can be up and running within a matter of hours only.
  • Independence
    Our platform is conflict free as Seamless FX is a fully independent company.
  • Help desk
    A 24/7 help desk is available to our clients, service before and after implementation
  • Order Management
    Seamless FX allows managing orders of all kinds easily and effectively.
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